Deck Your Halls

2 Dec

Matthews Card 2014-v2This cyber holiday letter is brought to you
by The Matthews.

That family who brings you their sad sack stories.
Every. Single. Year.

A whole lotta blood, sweat, tears, laughs, hot tub soaks, cocktails, and heart went into the making of this year’s compilation, Deck Your Halls. Read on and keep those hits coming. We got this. Plus, 2014 was bonafide boring based on comparison to recent years. (Yay for boring!)


Songs, lyrics (and life) by The Matthews. Holiday card and header photo cred: Ani Vattano Photography.


IMG_4544 Yes, you read that right. Even though we haven’t been back to our southern home as a family since the summer of 2013, one of the adults in this family went back solo in January and then again with the male adult in May. We had reunions and weddings to attend. Fun and debauchery was had by all. (I’m not naming names.)


IMG_5291 - Version 2In lieu of aforementioned summer family trip, the hubby opted to build himself a new, and improved, raised bed garden complete with drip irrigation. He got to drive big equipment, dig in the dirt, and drink homebrewed beer with his buddy, Timmy, who drove down from FoCo two weekends in a row to help. It was back-breaking. But you got yourself a pretty new garden in a sunnier spot, now don’t you?


IMG_0491Thanks to our good friends at Groupon, we scored a nasty hotel complete with no A/C and no running water slope side in Crested Butte. We survived the sub-par (read: NOT RITZ CARLTON) accommodations and got to go on some pretty fantastic hikes, wade through some rivers, and eat some crazy good food. And Mabel got to come along and scare the hotel staff. #winning


Most of 2014 was dedicated to giving the old college try to making Mugs & Wit pave our way to riches. Round about May, the hubby decided that the glitz and glamour of self-employment wasn’t for him. He’s still helping while he seeks ‘right and proper’ employment and takes a few classes all while juggling the stay-at-home dad deal. The efforts ended up with two new clients, a brand-spanking new website, and a 10 years in business milestone. Not too shabby.


Being on the board of Slow Food Boulder County has its bennies. Besides getting together with some of my favorite people once a month to plan while we nosh and sip, I got to head to Italy in October for this year’s Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto as part of the US delegation. It was drudgery, of course. All of that wine, cheese, gnocchi, and salumi. But I survived and am now officially on a tear to rid the world of dirty meat and yoga mat pie dough.


IMG_5010In August, we braved the torrential (tepid?) waters of the South Platte via canoe. As usual, the hubby and I exhibited our extreme athletic prowess by making that canoe our biscuit (this is a G-rated post, people). We steered and paddled like a boss until we hit a log and that was all she wrote. Bean stood by and cried while I untangled myself from the branch and realized…I can actually stand up here. Huh. You just never know.


The hubby continued to biscuit-slap that ham sandwich, cancer, with more clean scans and butt scopes. He recently celebrated 4 ½ years cancer-free and only has one more scan in March to pass and he’s on the home stretch to the big FIVE YEAR MARK. More on that in next year’s cyber letter. (It’s going to be a best-seller. No doubt.)


IMG_5352So our plan was either highly successful or failed miserably — depending on how you look at it. (And how medicated you are when you’re talking about it.)  That whole not going back with the family this year thing. Yea. That. As a result, September – October was a blur of sheet-washing and beer brewing. We had Mom and Boone, followed days later by cousin Elizabeth and her hubby, Rob. Then one week after my return from Italy, the hubby’s parents came. Three of the six were first time Colorado-visitors, so we got to do some fun touring, visit some exotic, newly legal places and try to kill flat-landers on a beer tour by bike. (Mwahahahaha…) I do hope we didn’t scare them off for good. It was nice staying put for once and getting to host and show off our gorgeous state. (Love you all so much for making the trip — all jokes aside.)

And I almost forgot that two of the hubby’s siblings, Keith and Gary, made it out our way for skiing between December and April too. Unheard of! See what 20 years away will do?


IMG_5027We have a teenager now. Harrumph. (That second part was her. Okay. And me.) Love that girl to the moon and back. And sometimes want to give her a one-way ticket. Then she comes and cuddles up and all is right with the world again. For five whole minutes. 

She got her braces off this year and finally got her caramel apple. That should count for something, right? And just LOOK at her, would you?

10. 8 IS ENUFF ≠

IMG_5103Our baby is eight. I’m speechless. But she’s not. I’m still posting her best of quotes @soboclassifieds (much to her growing chagrin). PS: #3 is her favorite. Because it says “butt.”


The craziest thing I’ve ever done happened this year. I auditioned for (what the WHAT?!?) and was cast in a SHOW. Yes. And on Mother’s Day I made web history by being possibly the worst performer to grace a stage and have it recorded and youtubed for all of posterity. Here you go. Get your guffaws out.


This is 2014. Signing off. Happy trails. (And if this was a real album, I’d add: Catch you on the FLIP side…)



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