All that US-ness.

6 Dec

I love our story. I really do. Even though we were babies barely out of our swaddling. I’ll never forget the look on my mother-in-law’s face the first time the hubby brought me home. She was positively stricken. The visions of teenage pregnancy and statutory rape charges dancing through her head. “She’s a BABY!” she exclaimed. (Right to my startled face.) I decided she must’ve meant total babe and willed myself to be flattered that she already clearly liked me so much.

I love that part too. The part where we defied innumerable odds to make it through high school (me), college (him and me) and graduate school (him) relatively intact. Still liking each other enough to go for the wedded bliss.

Yea, I made a few sacrifices. Aborted plans to be a page in DC and go out of state for college. But I can’t say I’ve regretted any of it. (Well, except maybe the fact that I’ll never ever live in NYC unless I leave him on a beach somewhere and go it alone.)

It’s our history. What makes us us. The busted-by-the-cops-on-prom-night us. (Girls, it’s time for bed.) The will-you-marry-me-one-day-even-though-we’ve-only-been-dating-a-month us. The drive-by-the-fraternity-house-one-hundred-times-like-a-stalker-because-there-is-a-mixer-with-SORORITY-GIRLS us. The buy-me-a-puppy-for-our-nine-month-dating-anniversary us. The fall-asleep-in-your-car-and-drool-on-your-shirt us. And the unforgettable you’re-moving-WHERE-you-just-bought-a-house-and-have-a-good-job us. Plus the what-are-you-kidding-you-said-you-were-never-having-kids us.

Yes. All of those.

So when the cancer shit came a-calling, that was not an us I wanted to be. And was precisely why I wanted to curl up in a corner somewhere and drool on something then too.

We may now have graduated to the I’m-going-to-throw-this-very-sharp-object-AT-YOUR-FACE-if-you-tell-me-I’m-chopping-this-onion-wrong-again us. And a little of the you’ve-got-to-be-freaking-kidding-me-you-have-to-poop-AGAIN us. (Thank you, colon resection.) But we still get in an I-still-love-you-so-much-I-could-puke us every now and again. So I’ll take it.

And yes. We do deal with me having a little anxiety from time-to-time. (Shut UP Purse Girl, True Blue and Triple Trouble.) But, damn, when you have all of that US-NESS and it’s CT scan time again and they keep saying, “Well, yea, it COULD come back at any time,” I know it’s time to start breathing through my nose — very deeply and very slowly.

Chances are it WON’T. But there’s always that lovely scepter of possibility hanging there. (I think that hooded dude with the scythe could really use a swift kick to the nut sack. Just sayin’.)

The deal is that you just don’t focus on that. Cliché and all. You just go forth and conquer and keep making all of those US moments. Even the seriously-why-did-we-have-children-who-so-love-the-pre-dawn-hours us. But especially the let’s-make-a-family-sandwich-and-pretend-it-isn’t-a-school-day us. Just like we did this morning.

Because tonight it will be the hell-yes-we’re-celebrating-our-dating-anniversary-because-we-freaking-MADE-it-26-years us.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: The Only One. Black Keys. You’re the only one. Cupid’s bow has stung. Now you’re the only one.


One Response to “All that US-ness.”

  1. Joan December 6, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    Love you dork! Have a great celebration, maybe pick up a little Boone’s farm and a Moon Pie


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