>Carpe diem, mo-fo

1 Jul

>If you aren’t really, really careful that old effer cancer will turn you into a walkin’ talkin’ cliché. And when it does, you barely notice. You’re too busy living it.

For example, we woke up on Monday and decided that we had exactly one week to complete all of our summer plans. So carpe diem and all that shit. The downside is that one week doesn’t allow for an explore southwest Colorado road trip. Since we have yet to head that way. And since we now have our big honkin’ family/hip-hop mobile, this was going to be the summer. But that asshole, cancer, had other plans. So the great family adventure will just have to wait.

So Water World it was. We took the day off and hit the park. The hubby and I had never been (or bean), but miss-miss said, “Follow me.” And took us straight to the only vacant spot in the shade in the whole park. Then proceeded to lead us straight to ride one. The one with dinosaurs, fast rapids and lots of dark tunnels that scared the sweet be-jesus out of bean. So, for the rest of the day, the hubby and miss-miss hit the big stuff while I waded around in water up to my ankles in Wally World. Motherhood.

On the ride home, the hubby said, “I didn’t think about my ass once all day.” I had to say that I most certainly had thought about mine, but mostly because of the multiple wedgies I had to endure sliding down all of those kiddie slides. But. It was music to my ears. A day of sun, crowds, bad 80s music, crappy pizza and dippin dots will most definitely erase even the most mundane tasks at hand. So yay. Mission accomplished. And I only saw one person pulled out of the wave pool after nearly drowning. So there.

We got home too late and missed soccer. Plus all of miss-miss’ soccer clothes were sopping wet in the wash. Best intentions and all that. So we opted to enjoy the meal provided by one of my awesome Mesa mom friends. And call it family night. Great choice.

Tuesday came in with a bang. Hubby had his pre-surgery blood work at the hospital and was pretty busy with work. I was buried too, but the girls were underfoot all day. Arguing about every last thing. Making Pringles and blueberries for breakfast. MOTY. Then I decided to pull myself away from email and con call hell long enough to heat up some leftover lasagne for lunch. Bean says, “I don’t want zanya. I want a sandwich.” So I say, “Okay, what kind of sandwich?” “A mac-and-cheese one.” Uh. Huh?

That was pretty much the day. I finally decided that enough was enough around 3:30 and headed up to the Brents’ pool. It turned out to be an excellent choice because it seems the pool comes equipped with fabulous adult company and well-seasoned, chilled grown-up grape juice. It was perfect. And it was hot out.

I got home just in time for a chat with my neighbor and then the arrival of our old, old friends Kass and J. They remembered our first couple date about 15 years ago and brought fresh pasta from Gondolier in memory of that fun night. Jen Z had also dropped off some vino and salad, so we had a feast. We talked them into staying for dinner and had an awesome time reminiscing and laughing and making all sorts of plans. Loved every single minute of it. And the hubby was ass-thought-free yet again. For the whole night.

Today I juggled more work and ran about 100 errands. Hubby was working all day. Call after call after more calls. I sprung him for 45 minutes to hit larkburger for lunch with the girls and got him home in time for call number 1 million. Around 3:30 or so, we loaded the car and hit the western route: I70. Winter Park bound.

Cousin Julie and her hubby, Rob, have a sweet pad just outside of Tabernash — so we took advantage and squeezed in a get-away. Just the four of us. Our first real road trip in the new ride. And it was niiiiccceee…girls sequestered in back with The Last Unicorn playing on DVD, and us upfront talking, taking in the scenery, cracking all of our corny jokes: Chief Hosa sign appears. We say, “Take off you HOS-A!” And we really do have to say it every single time we pass the sign. For like 15+ years. We’re a real party a minute.

Even the torrential downpour that started up just as our pizza was served at Hernando’s (and there we were on the patio) couldn’t dampen our spirits.

I am so happy to be in this cool mountain air. With my cute little fam. Forgetting all of that crap that’s waiting for us when we get back. Staring out at a HUGE double rainbow. So what if that makes us sound like the lyrics to a cheesy John Denver song. He was one talented mo-fo.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Party in the USA. Miley Cyrus. (Because it’s miss-miss’ favorite song and nothing makes me laugh harder than watching the hubby — and sometimes T-Rocks — dance to it.) So I put my hands up, they’re playin’ my song. The butterflies fly away.


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