>Fire on Uranus

21 Jun

>Yesterday morning I was woken up by a little bean voice, “Mommy! I need you to wiiiipppeee me!!!” So I pull myself out of bed to make it to her before she wakes up the sleeping hubby. I do the business and she points to the floor in front of the sink and says, “And look, Mommy. Dere’s poopy over dere.” Ah yes. The gift of cat ownership. The ever-present ‘poopy alerts’ that generally mean one of two things: the cat box needs changing or the cat needs herself an attitude adjustment in the form of a grooming. The bad thing about this particular deposit is that it was squished. Soooo not a good sign.

I race about looking at slipper and shoe bottoms. Nothing. Clean it up. Forget about it. Hubby wakes up about an hour later. Discovers the remnants of said deposit all over his foot. Happy Father’s Day.

And it gets better. My allergies have kicked in with a vengeance and I’ve been sawing some serious logs during sleepy-nite-nite. Relegating the hubby to the guest room. So he’d gotten up, stepped in the lump, not noticed, come back to bed, not been able to fall back asleep, got up, and went to the guest bed. Once the PI had sorted this out, I was sent out on the poopy trail — stripping sheets on both beds, checking the floor, setting the sanitize cycle on the washer. All before coffee. Then Bean asks, “Daddy? Which bed did you poop on?”

So I guess I can say — with a straight face — that our life has gone to shit.

As I said yesterday, we had some big plans for the day regardless. So we got on the bikes and pedaled the 3 or so miles to brunch. Settled in to order some victuals. Bean immediately had a meltdown, so I took her for a quick walk. We saw some friends. And when I got back to the table, I knew something was up. The hubby was in pain. Being his stubborn old “I’m such a cowboy” self, he didn’t want to tell me. Was planning to hop his sore hiney right back up on that bike and pedal home. I wasn’t having it.

Luckily, our fair-haired savior was working the brunch shift. So, as crazy as it was with them being short three people and Liz, being manager, having to cover it all — she loaned us her car. Then, had her other half pick her and our bikes up and deliver them to us. I continue to be blown away. Over and over again. We are too damned lucky for words.

We went home, took a nap, then got up to get gussied up for the hush dinner. And it was an amazing cap to a day that started out like so many do these days. A bit tilted. So for those three hours that we sat under twinkling lights staring at the Rocky Mountains, while delighting in the deliciousness from foods and wines all from within a 100 miles or so, all was righted in the world.

So today, bean is at school, Miss-miss is with her friends and having a sleep over (again — oh, you Walshes are also going for sainthood). The hubby and I took the dog for a walk and plotted out our lives for the next few days. Or at least as much as you can when the phone could ring at any second with a new appointment to make and then get to. We walked up to the school garden and weeded a bit. Tried to mentally prepare for our oncology appointment at 4 today. Tried to sort out the tangle of short term disability from work for the surgery and recovery, how we were going to manage the girls for that long, when our moms should come, who is going to pick up the vacuum from the repair shop, take the dog to the vet, get the nasty ass cat to the groomers, pick up my folder from the book keepers so my contractors can get paid, pick up our alterations, finish folding laundry, put it all away, and get to Target for dog food. And the answer we arrived at is…who the hell knows?

But we haven’t cooked our own meal in over a week. And Dr. Matt Karowe (our GI) has been completely phenomenal. Expediting everything, texting docs over the weekend, calling us first thing after each test. Yet another thing of the many to add to the big ole pile of lucky. You people rock.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Livin’ Lucky. Paperbird. And for some that clock keeps ticking, holding on while it slips away, others just smile and reach out their hands with no troubles in their heads today.


One Response to “>Fire on Uranus”

  1. Bubble Girl June 21, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    >Cassy, I can help you out. Do you want me to take care of the animal situations? Vet and groomer? I can also do some chaufering. (I just can't spell correctly if that's an issue.)Seriously, I'm around, not busy. Let me know what you need.


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