>15 secs of fame (and I do mean secs)

30 Jul

>So today I run up to school (it’s a halfway point approximately) and dash in to sign up Miss 6:7 for her literacy assessment. (A thing that’s been nagging me all summer.) I race into the office (dog leashed to bike rack) and see the principal, secretary and Miss 6:7’s former kindergarten teacher all there. She says, “I saw your letter today!” And I realize that my recent diatribe to the Boulder Daily Camera’s editor has been printed. “Ooops,” I think, as I take in three familiar faces employed by the very entity I was blasting. So I say, “Oh! It printed! A little controversial, I guess…” She says, “I think you made a very valid point.” So okay.

I get a little hot-and-bothered by animals being killed when humans have obviously had a hand in it β€”whatever way. And a bear was recently killed in our neighborhood for coming too close β€”one too many times. There is now a Bear Wagon circulating the neighborhood (think: Mr. Ice Cream Man with the music and all. This time they’re broadcasting “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” and volunteers will wear bear suits and hand out gummi bears. Yes, I love Boulder.) But, this Bear Wagon will educate residents on how bird feeders, dirty grills, etc. can prove fatal to bears. This now-deceased one was tagged and moved 70 miles away, yet kept coming back to the party in SoBo. Who can blame him, really…? We do throw a good party.

Here’s my rant: July 30th Letter to the Editor (You have to page down to the second article.)

The really interesting part? When I continued my run this morning to the very high school campus I targeted, I noticed that every single trash can was freshly emptied. Coincidence?

And the bad part? The cans at the RTD stops were full. Hmmm. I guess it’s time for another letter, eh?

Now back to work. My time is officially over. πŸ™‚


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