>If you can believe it…

10 May

>Tunnel vision: an addendum

The dog made it to the groomer’s all right. I had her stinky self on a short leash so that her skunky sweet spot was right beside Bean’s face for the whole walk. Bean was kicked back in her stroller and it’s possible she didn’t notice. I sure did. It was quite a long mile, let me tell you.

But I dropped her off, went for a run and the day went. The hubby came home early and we got the call that she was ready to be picked up, so he and Miss 6 (now 7) hopped in the car to go get her.

I took this moment to call Purse Girl. About 1 minute later, I hear J Huge calling my name (she’s my across-the-street neighbor). I think, “Can’t she hear I’m on the phone?” And then, since she’s definitely not one to be a butt-in-sky, decide I better go see what’s happening. I look out the front door and tell Purse Girl that I’ll have to call her back. I see J Huge standing there with a dog. A familiar dog on an unfamiliar short lead. Huh. That kind of looks like my dog, but obviously isn’t my dog since mine’s at the groomer’s about to be picked up. Then: “Holy s**t that is my dog! What tha—?”

J Huge: “I saw her run up to the closed garage door and she looked like she might leave, so I ran over to grab her.” I still can’t take it in. But then I collect myself and call the hubby, “Uh, are you at the groomer’s yet? ‘Cause the dog’s here.” Silence. “What?” “Yea. You heard me.”

I just can’t comprehend it still. Apparently, as they were taking her off of the table, she was free for just a split second long enough to clear the half door in the grooming area and make a hasty exit out of the front door of the store. One of the groomers ran after her, followed by a person hanging at the coffee shop next door. They got in cars to follow her and were still looking for her when the hubby arrived. “I’m here for Ruby—” “OH my god! She just ran out of here!” Then he quickly explained that she was home. And this obviously took a bit to sink in fully. So he stuck around until the other groomer was called and came back so they could all piece it together.

So Dumber-than-Dirt dog made a shift to “lassie come home.” I guess she was trying to prove to us that she has something other than air knocking around upstairs. How she knew her way home and got here so quickly will be the mystery that may never be fully solved. Oh the places we go…


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  1. Bubble Girl May 28, 2008 at 1:10 pm #

    >You are on hiatus?your fan, BG


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