>Not bad meaning bad…

15 Mar

>Miss 6 (now 7) ditched school. Just made some executive decision and completely skipped Spanish yesterday. The hubby went to pick her up and found her in the hall with a friend trying to explain to the distressed Spanish teacher (who had assumed she was absent) what she had been up to. Turns out she and this friend decided that a loose tooth was school nurse-worthy and then proceeded to spend the rest of the hour in the bathroom and hiding behind various doors. Her response? “Mommy? I’m not a bad girl, right? It just did something bad.” Well, yea. Something like that…

But what do you do with that? Where’s that parenting manual when you need it? (The one they always seem to forget to hand you when you walk out of the hospital with that little bundle of joy.) I can’t understand why you need a license to drive and to marry, but not one to procreate. One of life’s many mysteries.

It just hit me the other day that this year marks 20 since I graduated from high school. It just don’t see how that can possibly be when I’m still only 25. But I haven’t heard word one about a reunion — so I can only assume that I fell into the black hole that living out of state seems to cause. Even though I’ve lived at the very same address for 10 years. Oh well. Who needs the dieting and search-for-the-perfect-outfit pressure that those events bring about anyway. ☺

This afternoon at 3 is soccer practice. I just saw on the news that there is a snow advisory for Boulder ending at 4. (Life in Colorado can be so odd.)

Day Two:
Well, it’s Saturday now and I’m still trying to write this. I’m just going to blame Facebook. Not my busy life. Just Facebook — the ultimate sucker of time. The Black Hole of my life at present. I can’t seem to find the time to call people back or finish the laundry, but damn if I won’t be sending flair and updating my status every second I get…ahh, criminy. Now my friends are starting to sign up and find me and say, “well I thought at least this way we could stay in touch.” Someone sent me flair the other day that said, “I love my computer because my friends live in it.” Pretty shameful, isn’t it? It’s become the only way I know what’s happening with my neighbors even. I picture us each — perched in various locales throughout our homes, laptops open — sending each other drinks via Top Friends. Far be it for us to open our front door and wave. Geesh.

We missed the snow at soccer yesterday, but not the cold. It was frickin’ freezing yesterday and this morning during the game. I can’t wait until it warms up a little — but the games did move to a field about a block away from TRPL TRBL so the hubby ran over and got a hot coffee refill this morning. It’s good to have connections. ☺

I am seriously so tired of this unshakeable sinus thing I have going. I keep thinking about those cartoon mucus globs from that TV commercial and how they must be having a damn party in my head right about now. I’m supposed to be running a lot and I haven’t run in almost two weeks. At some point I’m going to have to take some drastic measures. The neti pot. I know it works and I know I need to use it. But I think it must be the closest thing to civilian water boarding there is. (Okay, I do know better…) I just have this thing with water up my nose and I panic if it comes near. So for me to be considering pouring a pot of it up my nostril, you know it has to be B-A-D. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to not wake up with crud crusted across my teeth from heavy mouth breathing.

Bean’s new thing is “jack-y.” (Bean-speak for jacket.) If you just mention the word, she runs over to hers, grabs it and starts trying to put it on. Then says, “Okay. Let’s go.” She’s a baby on the go. There’s no doubt about that.

This past week was another of chaos. Either the hubby or I each had a dinner every night. Tuesday was a social one for me with Neighbor Jane (see, we do get out occasionally) that we’d re-scheduled a zillion times. Then Wednesday, the hubby had one and didn’t get home until after 9. Then I had one for work in Denver on Thursday. It was early, but it was for drinks. The b-partner ordered Pinot Noir and ended up with a $25 glass. It was quite shocking. She had no idea what she’d ordered until it was too late. That’s what we get for taking clients to those shwanky places downtown. (And people still think Denver’s a cow town! That’s practically NYC prices…)

Speaking of cows, when I went outside Friday morning to discard a stinky diap-ee (we just thrown them straight in the yard when they’re that bad☺), it was just overcast enough that I smelled Greeley. I haven’t smelled it in so long that I’d almost forgotten all about how that lovely cows-in-pasture smell wafts it way southward for 55 miles until it penetrates my overly stuffed nostrils. Makes you want a cheeseburger, doesn’t it?

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Like a Vibration. The Whigs. The world that grows us it doesn’t know us…could we just have some fun?


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