>Tears of a Hoarses Arse

21 Feb

>This morning as I was screaming myself into a sore throat at Miss 6 (now 7), the phone rang. My mother’s chirpy voice says, “We’re having a baby to-day!” I thought I would have whiplash from the abrupt switch in mental state. It worked so well in Miss 6’s (now 7) favor that I could have sworn she was texting my mom from behind her recently slammed door. (But, as you can see from my other posting, Sophie Caroline arrived without incident and is as cute as a little butterball.)

So that’s us. I have a sinus infection that has caused the left side of my face to go numb (when it isn’t throbbing) and my teeth to hurt. The Bean has a double-ear-infection with a side of RSV. Her face has been goober-covered non-stop for over a week now. Her hair has taken the form of perpetual crust. Yum. We’re both on antibiotics now and we’re both as ill as hornets. Hence the yelling scene while trying to get back into the school morning rhythm after four days off.

I’ve decided that I have to pretend to be 100% well and happy at all costs. Because if I so much as sneeze, they decide they are going to pounce. Just like the large predatory animals I wax on about. The ones that wait for the weakest one to come along before they attack. So, yes, my children are like predatory beasts when I get sick. And this time one of them is so very, very sick that she’s just beastly anyway because she feels like sh**. Then there’s the hubby. A saint among saints who does everything in his power to keep us all afloat when I’m sinking. This time he tried his best which meant no choice but to wave good-bye and head to the office. As my heart sank. Monday was a holiday. So yet again I put on my juggling hat and made a decision to suck it up — even though all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and cry. I took some work calls, answered e-mails, and dealt with a Blackberry malfunction while bean walked around crying (her new persona courtesy of multiple illness) and Miss 6 (now 7) danced in her room to her new iPod.

I realized that maintaining sanity meant trying to get out. So since the sun was shining I thought, “Picnic!” We loaded up and headed to North Boulder. My plan was a stop at Spruce Deuce for sandwiches and then go to Foothills Park that everyone raves about. The minute we step out of the car, I know this isn’t going to go well. The wind was howling and frigid and Miss 6 (now 7) started complaining. “We’ll eat under the shelter and it will be fine,” I assured her. Well. It wasn’t. It was worse. But we plowed on. Determined. And after a few bites of sandwich, I notice Bean digging at her tongue. Then see Miss 6 (now 7) doing something similar. “Is something wrong with the sandwich?” “Well. Yea. It’s really spicy.” Damn, damn, damn. The mustard. So I try to salvage a few bites and we pack it up and head for the car. Then home. The outing was over. And I realized as we were driving away that I’d obviously gone to the wrong park. Not the cool one everyone has been telling me about.

When we got home, the hubby called to say he’d be home early. He knew I had a work dinner and needed a little down time. (Ain’t he sweet?) He got home and we decided that Bean needed the doctor. Enough was enough. So I grabbed a quick nap, called the doc for myself and then showered for the dinner. He worked for a while, then scooped up the girls and took them both to the 5 p.m. appointment. The balancing act of true partnership…

The dinner was fun and at Sobo Bistro. It was with an old friend — one of my first in Boulder — and she’s hiring us for some work. But we got to catch up too and enjoy some good food, so that was nice. Even though I was practically a zombie. She knows me well enough that she understood. And e-mailed me later to check on my health.

The next morning I go to see my long-time miracle-worker/osteopath, Swanee. He has cured two strenuous bouts of post-partum depression and a shoulder ailment that left me unable to wipe my own behind. So let’s suffice it to say that no matter what beliefs you have, I don’t care. He is the man. It had been almost a year since I’d been in, so as I lay down on the table I suddenly felt calm. I was home. As he worked, I could feel the cement block of snot in my cheek and jaw begin to shift. And then he went for my knee (something totally separate, but equally annoying since I’m training) and it started to throb and then stopped. And hasn’t since. Then he says, “I think you need antibiotics. I know you don’t want them, but I really think you need them this time.” When he says, “You need drugs.” I snap to attention. So I was on my way, Rx in hand and another appointment for next week. I simply can’t go another year.

I took Bean in today and he hadn’t seen her since she was a few weeks old. It was quite amazing to see her lying so still and serious while he did his thing. (That little wiggle-squirm can be still after all!) So now I hope we are both on the road to Wellville and I’m even happier that this day is coming to a close. It’s been Hell-ville. The short version: incessant crying, “Ma-Maaaaaa!,” nap at last, website proofing, work e-mails, playing catch up, “Ma-Maaaa!,” more incessant crying, Baby’s here! ☺, lunch, more ‘mistress’ from Bean: pulling out the outlet safety covers/unplugging my laptop/ grabbing everything in sight, Arggghhhh!, Stop!, time for nap, more incessant crying, I try to nap, crying never stops, I give up nap, play recently posted Boo-bah video for bean and get much-needed moment of silence, Miss 6 (now 7) comes home, Bean finally naps for about 5 minutes, now she’s crying again. Ah.

But I digress. The important thing to note is that the Miss 6 birthday at the St. Julien went very well. In spite of the spate of sickness. She was all but vibrating from the anticipation as we packed and headed downtown to check in. We got settled and headed for the pool. Then we gave the girls a mint-scented bubble bath in the huge tub, got Bean to bed and ordered room service. The hubby, Miss 6 and I huddled up on the couch (we had a sweet suite) and ate and watched Miracle, the story of the 1980 US Hockey team. Then Miss 6 went to bed.

We slept surprisingly well considering we were all in the same room. Bean woke up a few times and was standing in her pack-n-play. Miss 6 got up to tend to her and I whisper/yelled, “No! Go back to bed!” The hubby slept through all of this.

Then it was the big day. We woke up and the hubby fetched scones from Spruce Confections. Then they went off for more swimming while Bean and I napped. Once we were all up and done with swimming, it was time to shower and go for birthday brunch. So we checked out and headed to the most favorite restaurant in the world, yes, The Kitchen (Miss 6’s choice). And Hugo was there. Miss 6 (now 7) got a candle with her yogurt panna cotta and all was right with the world. Then, the hubby and Bean headed home while Miss 6 (now 7) and I headed to the ice rink to meet Rock Star (our sitter that we adore). After skating, we went shoe shopping, bought Miss 6 (now 7) some clogs of her choosing, and bid farewell to Rock Star. (She made Miss 6 a pop-up card. Love her.) Miss 6 (now 7) and I rode the bus home and chatted the whole way. She is such a cool kid.

Once home, I helped her change into a beee-yooo-ti-fulll dress complete with crown, sparkly tights and new clogs and she was ready to open her presents. This year, we combined efforts with Mima, Mimi & Pop-pop, and Gigi to produce….an iPod Nano. I had such angst over this gift. “She’s too young.” “We’re spoiling her too much.” Etc. But we got a dock for it (no headphones!) complete with nature sounds for her to sleep to. I pre-loaded it with all of her favs. And she has been thrilled. We so made the right call. She’s a music girl just like her mom.

We decorated her chair, made pizza, played her music, lit candles, and had a family party complete with cake from Tee & Cakes. It was perfect. She went to bed fulfilled and happy. And isn’t that the bottom line? I worried that she’d regret not having a party with all of her friends, etc. – but no. She’s such a big girl. And now, her identity must change along with her age. Courtesy of Bean, she is now…Teeta.

Welcome Teeta. It’s a whole new world.

“When I woke up this morning I had to say to myself, ‘It’s my birthday.’ It felt different.” Miss 6 is growing up. And her mommy’s heart is starting to tinge. WARNING: Tears Ahead.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Ain’t No Reason. Brett Dennen. I don’t know why I say the things I say, but I say them anyway. But love will come set me free.


One Response to “>Tears of a Hoarses Arse”

  1. shandreamer February 24, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    >Oh my god, I loved this. I can just picture the girls and you – funny and beautiful all rolled into one big lump of life.Peace,s


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