>Inspiration by the Bucketload

18 Jan

>Time. Oh time. I’m always pleading for just a bit more of it. And I’d probably just piss it away if it was bequeathed to me. But now that there are a million blogs out there just waiting to be explored, I need a whole second week wrapped into my current one just to keep up with it all. Just today I happened upon one that is particularly fun: BLACKEiffel. She posts just the right combo of fun, fanciful things that we all need to sweeten our lives a bit.

And while we’re talking fun. Who can resist the MacBook Air! I mean, really. There’s just something about that company that makes my heart sing. My only wish is that they ramp up their enviro with a conscience side a bit more so that we can be guilt-free as we skip through the store singing, “I’ll have one of those and one of those…” Because there’s not another gadget I actually need but it would be really, really nice to be able to easily and guiltlessly recycle the stuff that’s already so six months ago. Versus just taking it to Ecocycle… (although Air is Energy Star rated and boasts more enviro-friendly features than past products.) It’s just that with all of these cool new things coming out every other month, what do you do with all of the cast-offs? Huh? I want an answer.

Monday was Mima’s birthday and I ended up celebrating it CO-style with a girls’ nite. The old crew got together at Lady Lou’s so we could experience her newly refurbished kitchen. It’s a beautiful, open space perfect for cooking and entertaining. I am so, so envious! I think I’d be inspired to burn more meals if I didn’t have to be cooped up in my little tiny box of a room we call a kitchen. Complete with harvest brown stove circa 1968. Luckily the hubby catered the meal for us. I got to do the honors of reheating it all for the gals. It was the first time in months that I’ve made it to an outing and it was more than wonderful to see them all. I should’ve taken pictures!

I don’t know what’s happened to my life though. This group of girls has been a core part of my life for so many years and I’m now lucky to see them once a quarter. It makes me sad. I’ve been philosophical about it lately. Noting that I see the newer friends who are parents of Miss 6’s friends every week. I guess it’s just a cycle of life and it’s easier when you run into people every other day vs. having to pick up the phone and try to schedule a visit. Once upon a time they were the group I saw daily at work. Now we all have kids, jobs, and lives that rarely overlap. I think two of the group may end up with kindergarteners at the same school, but otherwise we all exist in different orbits. I am hereby making a commitment to keep up the effort of friendship. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Yesterday was another one of those totally back-to-jam-packed days that I always wax on about. School volunteering followed by quick e-mail responses followed by a lunch meeting followed by yet another meeting. Then I get home and the phone is ringing. Miss 6 was left at school and was waiting in the office to be picked up. To our credit, Spanish class was supposed to start back yesterday and they changed it — via e-mail — to Thursday. The schedule change was noted in the body of the e-mail and I didn’t bother to read the whole thing. So there you have it. I raced over to pick her and Nanners up. (Nanners mom was at a ski clinic with no cell service.) After ensuring that someone was home to leave Nanners with, we headed home. The hubby had left for a meeting followed by a work dinner by then, so I was on dinner duty. Trying to cook while Bean grabbed my pants leg, cried, pulled all of the cups all over the floor at my feet, etc. was next to impossible. I finally gave up and put her down for a third nap at the late, late hour of 4:45. It was just the reprieve I needed. I had just enough time to listen to Miss 6 read her novella of a book, roll up the enchiladas, grate cheese and pop it all in the oven. I even cleaned up. I was doing well. (Pat my own back.) I was so tired I was seeing double and couldn’t wait to don the PJs. “I’m am soooo tired,” I said to my sidekick, Miss 6. Who responded, “I’m tired too. But not as tired as you. It’s probably because I got left at school today.” Hmmm…

Today it was in the 20s all day. I decided to brave it and went out for a run — the Rock Star sitter safely back on schedule. Having returned from the extended college break. My cheeks froze and I almost fell when I hit some hidden ice while crossing the road to get away from a schizo dog. The owner was just strolling along while the dog ran up on people’s porches, out in front of cars, etc. It was so annoying and Ruby was freaking out. Which made her pull on the leash and then lead me into the path of that ice. Damn.

But irritating Boulder dog owners aside, it was a damn good run. Even if my nuts froze off. (Luckily I don’t have any.)

Speaking of nuts, the hubby’s doing quite well. Back up and running, so to speak. Even if he is almost running on empty. And, well, that’s enough detail for anyone.

The b-partner is sick and the week has been haphazard. I’m having one of those raw nerve ending days and would love to disappear somewhere for a few days where I can’t be found. If only.

But I’m still here and need to go to bed. I just got off of a marathon call with the b-partner and that was after an hour long meeting with the accountant, which was after I had dinner with my cute little family. Since when did I become that person who works all day and night? I just wanted to sit and savor the chicken piccata and keep laughing as Bean made funny noises with her noodles and Miss 6 went into great detail about her playdate in which she and Nanners used cardboard tubes attached to their butts to scare away attacking elephants. I definitely needed more detail on that. But, instead, I headed out into the frigid night with my laptop to finalize our sales taxes, wrap up the end of year stuff and talk through the audit…life, oh life.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: New Soul. Yael Naim. (The song from the MacBook Air ad that is on replay in my head now!) I’m a new soul. I came to this strange world. Hoping I could learn a bit about how to give and take. But since I came here, felt the joy and the fear, finding myself making every possible mistake…


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