>Welcome back, me

14 Jan

>We resumed our relatively normal speed of life this week with Miss 6 returning to school on Wednesday and me turning into a stressed-out nutcase. (Welcome back, me!)

I can’t even remember this past week. I know I worked every day and barely slept once I realized the audit would happen on Wednesday. I’m pretty sure that I was gone all day on Tuesday and Thursday and was woken up by a client calling from the east coast at 7:20 a.m. on at least one of the days. (He had no idea where I was located, to his credit.) I gathered documents and files and spent an unaccountable amount of time on the phone with the accountant. The b-partner and I had a strategy lunch. I think by Thursday I was fried. So I spent that whole day going for a run, picking up prints from my photographer friend, having lunch with another, and getting my haircut. (I’m short-haired once again.)

The audit was scheduled for 1 p.m. on Wednesday and our accountant estimated that it would take 20 or 30 minutes. Two and a half hours later it was still going on. Unbelievable. Can’t wait to see the full report. It must be tantalizing.

The craziness has carried straight over into the weekend… I finally sat down today and remembered to look in Miss 6’s backpack. We’ve had strict instructions to read the contents of the Friday folders immediately upon receiving them on Friday afternoon, but…it’s Sunday and I was just getting to it. It was then that I found not one, but two homework assignments that were to be completed by me and returned by Monday. Sh**! So now it’s after 5 and I just finished one of them. Then decided to write instead of doing the other one. I can’t keep up with this first grade pace. And we all know what happens when I defy the teacher anyway. Seems I never learn.

Friday night we went out for Purse Girl’s big birthday bash. It was girls-only and I had a great opportunity to get my drink on again after so many days without vino. After kicking it off at Purse Girl’s purse partner’s house (which was amazing, I might add), we headed to the newly opened SOBO American Bistro. It was a fun, late, over-imbibing night. I think I finally made it home close to midnight. I was dead. And had been made fun of mercilessly because I almost bailed on the whole night. Before Purse Girl enlightened me to the fact that it was her birthday I was going to run with the old, “I’m not myself. I have a visitor. Miss Menstral came to call.” excuse. But after receiving an e-mail in which she finally came clean, I wouldn’t miss it. I mean, there are very few excuses for missing a friend’s birthday outing. And I can rally with the best of ‘em. I actually think I may have over-rallied just a tinge. But what can you do. I’m old and just can’t hang like I used to.

Her gang is the uber hip kind. The skinny-minnies with way cool trendy clothes. I would be the sore thumb at the end of the table. Keeping up with the convo but not so much on the wardrobe. I loved them all. Most I’d met and I spent the night getting to know the ones I hadn’t a lot better. And I suppose my togs from Anthropologie weren’t all so 10 years ago. And I did have the sassy new haircut (which was a hit). ☺

I’m a big fan of SAB though. After hanging in the hood for close to 10 years, it is so rewarding to see a very cool, very swanky restaurant open up. Even if a Papa Murphy’s did open up right next door. It makes me think there may be hope for SoBo after all…(It must be the blog.)

Saturday morning came and I needed greasy breakfast. So off to Southside Walnut we headed, on foot. It was a relaxing day brought to a close with dinner at some other friends’ house. These are more people we’ve met through our overly social Miss 6. We’re lucky we have her to keep us from staying home all the time…

Today the hubby took Miss 6 skiing. I had big plans to do all the grocery shopping for the week, go for a run, finish the laundry, write thank you notes and organize the bathroom closet. Ha. I did exactly one load of laundry (which is still in the washer, soaking wet), put on my running clothes (tracking mud all over the house before I realized my shoes were caked from the trail run I did Thursday), picked some meals and wrote some of the grocery list, haven’t touched the thank you notes, and left a bunch of stuff from the closet on the chair in the bathroom where Bean kept trying to eat it all. I am so not efficient.

They came home from the ski outing with tales of woe. Gorgeous weather, but a reluctant Miss 6. The hubby traded his ski rental and lift ticket for a day in ski school, to be redeemed at some date in this ski season’s future — we hope. We apparently flushed all of our ski school money from ’05-’06 down the toilet by sitting out for the whole ’06-’07 season. I just love the sound of flushing money, don’t you?

Now…[drum roll]…It’s another very special person’s birthday tomorrow. She’s going to be 87 and doesn’t look a day over 37. Happy birthday, Mima. I hope your chosen method of celebration pans out and you get a harmonious evening with a scrumptious steak. I highly recommend that you wear a tunic over skinny jeans. It’s what all the girls are wearing. I love you.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Without Me. Eminem. This looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me. ‘Cause we need a little controversy. It’d be so empty without me.


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