>Just a Dolphin Ma’am

6 Dec

>It was one of those pivotal moments in your life. Like when you’re walking down the street and a brick hits you in the head out of nowhere. You know you have a choice: “I can either fall down from the force of said brick or I can just keep walking and act like I didn’t notice.” So it goes with a mammogram. And there I was last night, getting my little boobies squeezed off so I could rest easier. I even decided to take Miss 6 along thinking it could be one of those, “Daughter, here’s what women do when they’re of a certain age.” She got all into it and said, “I think boobies are gross, but I guess if I want to have a baby I’ll need them to feed it.” Something like that.

All good intentions fell flat when the technician came and called and said, “She can’t come back here.” Well sh**! So much for trying to make her unafraid of the future and underscoring women power. No radiation exposure for Miss 6. So I had to leave her sitting the lobby of the hospital, wondering what was happening and probably making her even more anxious. Damn.

I did the whole routine — clean off deodorant and breast areas with provided wipes, put on cute little button-in-the-front-but-still-gapes-open gown, check on Miss 6, wait to be called, prepare to put breast on little shelf, contort body so that I pretend to be comfortable while another shelf comes down to turn round-ness into pancake, repeat, change positions so that boob gets diagonal (don’t ask), repeat, check on Miss 6, wait. Pictures complete. Then get dressed again and leave.

In the car, Miss 6 had all sorts of questions. I answered them all in as much detail as possible. Then I said, “I’m so sorry you couldn’t come in with me.” She said, “Oh, it was no big deal at all. I just roll with it, Mom.” Well okay then. It also didn’t hurt that there was a lady in the waiting area who had just rescued a dog and had pictures. Miss 6 most likely made her ears bleed with all of the gory details of our life.

One milestone checked off: First Mammogram.

Miss 6: “Mommy? I thought you were kidding about the mammogram. I didn’t think it was real.” “Oh really? Why?” Then it hits me, “You mean, like when I say ‘CANDY-gram’?” (from the SNL archives, no less!) “Yes! That’s it!” I’m guessing I shouldn’t tell her that they said, “Only a dolphin, ma’am” when I called to schedule…

This past weekend was the annual outing with the b-partner. We’ve made it a yearly tradition to celebrate another year in the biz with a day together — no work talk allowed. It’s taken a couple of years of fine-tuning to finally achieve the ultimate year-end-cap: Spa Day followed by dinner with the hubbies. This year, it was the Timeless Trio at the St. Julien followed by dinner at most favorite restaurant in the world, The Kitchen. Besides the fact that I was in a robe with spa hair directly beside a large picture window to the street during my pedicure, it was seriously euphoric. I just waved at the peeping people as they stared and kept sipping my prosecco. We then showered and strategized about how to wear shoes and not muss the pedis — and headed to meet the fellas. We had an unsurprisingly awesome dinner and vino and great conversation. (See pics.) I’m not sure if I can think of a better way to spend a day.

Last Friday I went over to Purse Girl’s to check out her new stock. I knew that with the spa day looming, I would need just the right bag to carry the necessities in. So on the premise of “just an hour or so” I proceeded to spend the rest of the evening until midnight polishing off a bottle of wine and chatting up a storm. We were long overdue for a gabfest and it was a great one. And I got an awesome bag that worked fabulously. I’m still carrying it even post-spa day.

So if I sound like a spoiled princess-diva, then let me tell you something. I worked my a** off all summer. Remember? So let’s just consider it even. ☺

With the weekend of wine, spa, more wine, dinner, etc. heading into Sunday, we added brunch with old friends to the list. They came over Sunday with their 2-year-old girl and new baby boy and we hung out and gabbed some more. We talked organic food and all of those favorite topics. And it was like no time had passed, even though it’s probably been a year…life, oh life.

Sunday afternoon we finished up the tile shopping for the must-be-demoed-and-started-again bathroom I mentioned. Then I went straight to Saxy’s to meet a photographer friend to discuss photo captions for a holiday card she’s working on for a client. We ended up talking about Italy and children’s books and all sorts of stuff. Two hours later, I headed home. The weekend was packed and I was tired.

Then it was time to start it all again. So it goes.

Bean has added, “Goal!” to her repertoire. This is after watching Miss 6 kick the soccer ball in the back yard. This morning, we added, “Cheers!” with our morning lattes. She changed it back to, “Goal!” though. I thought, “Uh-oh, she’s making it into a drinking game already…”

I booked my flight to CT for next week and the Smiley’s books arrived with a positive reception. And now I must go pick up children and buy stuff for cookies for the playdate ahead. Ding-dong-dang…

Back from cookie-baking, dinner out with K-Mac (Miss 6’s playdate), and then drop off by 6:30. During dinner I saw K-Mac whisper to Miss 6. “What are you saying over there?” I asked, innocently as I cheered beers with the hubby (the 21st anniversary of our 1st date is tomorrow). “Well I said that my mom told me you guys like to drink wine.” Hmmm. The rumors are starting and there’s no heading them off now. I guess I’ll have to destroy this blog so there’s no evidence…nah… It’s just the God’s honest truth being spoken there. No harm, no foul…☺

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Kanday. LL Cool J. That’s why I had to tell ya that I – feel – good…about Kanday. A flashback in honor of Candygram and 21 years of dating my-still-boyfriend-like-hubby. Mushy-mushy. 143.


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