>I said BASS [bās]…

10 Nov

>I needed yesterday. Almost as badly as we need an embargo on China. I mean, the date rape drug in Aqua Dots? Seriously? I don’t even know what Aqua Dots are, but I do know that if a kid puts one in his mouth he shouldn’t be getting slipped a mickey. What the hell?

So although I’ve already made my Walmart aversion clear, let me state, once more…Walmart Sucks. And they are one of the leading providers of the crap we’re handing to our kids that’s filling them with chemicals, lead and roofies. I rest my case.

But where was I? Oh. That’s right. Before I leapt up on my soap box, I was talking about my day. The one that felt like calamine on poison ivy. For real. It was one of those days that are so rare. So near-perfect that you’re almost afraid to say anything and break the spell. For fear that the universe will take a swipe at you to wipe that sh**-eating grin right off of your da** face. A swat down like sending your kid to the ER with pneumonia, while your husband is laid up with a head cold that’s making him speak in only one-syllables (divided by 60-minute intervals) and your baby keeps shooting things out of her bottom that appear to be at least 70% battery acid based on the condition of her once soft little bum. Then, since you seem to be handling that all with such aplomb, decides to go ahead and send on a little shingles straight to the pneumonia kid’s left eye. Fine.

Well, universe, bring it on. I had a great day. So screw you.

It started with no one waking up before 5:30 a.m. (With the exception of the hubby, who now gets up every five minutes to blow snot. I just sent him away. That settled that.) Then it continued with a lovely latte that I actually got to finish before it was considered iced. And reading the paper. Yes. The. Whole. Paper. Beanie then went down for an early nap just as the hubby headed off to work. His first day in the office all week. Miss 6 read books while I worked out on the elliptical. I was able to shower and get fully dressed, plus get Miss 6 showered and fully dressed before the bean woke up. Miraculous. Our amazing house cleaner arrived and wiped the house clean of germs while Miss 6 and I did pedicures. I can’t tell you how great it was to have the house renewed while I got to spend time with the girlies. We usually have her come every other week, so I wanted to cry for joy having her here on her off week. Clean sheet day came early!

I then made lunch for the whole crew and we practiced Spanish since Edith was here. Even Beanie. Then a quick nap for all before I had to wake them to head to the flu shot clinic. Afterwards, we grabbed some treats from the coffee kiosk in the hospital lobby and sat noshing to live piano music as Miss 6 yelled, “Bravo!” After a quick stop at the post office to mail Poppy’s birthday present — where I found myself pulled into a rather detailed convo regarding the fact that since bean was obviously wearing an empire waist shirt, she couldn’t possibly be a boy — we headed home. The hubby had come home early to nap, so we played in Beanie’s room until he woke up.

After a dinner of gnocchi with turkey ragu, we spent the evening (post-girlie bedtime) catching up — the hubby’s conversational skills having returned somewhat and further enhanced by red wine. ☺

So that’s it. Now we’ve spent the morning today watching bean eat grits off of the wrong end of her spoon while listening to Miss 6’s “budding” guitar skills during “concert” after “concert.” I also presented my lengthy research on digital cameras to the hubby. (We’ve narrowed to Leica v. Panasonic. Leica is edging ahead because of size and sentimentality due to my Papa’s affinity for the brand. Too bad it’s 40% more. I’ll let you know who wins.)

UPDATE: THE LEICA WINS!!!! Score one for Papa…I’m doing my part to carry on your legacy including an extreme favortisim for all things German. Miss you!

TODAY’S THEME SONG: I Turn My Camera On. Spoon. When I turn my feelings on, I turn my feelings on inside. Feel like I’m gonna ignite. Chosen for the obvious and because Spoon’s just really cool…


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