>What the wind blew in

8 Jun

>Well Miss 6 is no longer a kindergartner. The last day of school required a gathering of the moms (and a couple of dads) to drink and whine. Or is that drink wine? Either way, it was absolutely necessary. And fun. The kids jumped on the trampoline all night while we sat inside and fretted over which first grade teacher was the most nurturing. And so it goes.

And today was supposed to be the Wooo-whooo! School’s out! day of bike riding and doing summer stuff. But alas. I worked all damn day. Miss 6 and Beanie were little peaches while I pissed and moaned about how work is sucking my life away. Boo Hoo. I think Easy Street is over just in time for summer break. Gotta love those life wrenches.

Thursday night was The Night of the Living Wind. We had gusts of over 100 mph — in our yard alone. I was certain that a tree would come flying into the girls’ room to impale them at any moment. (CDTs at work once again!) Miss 6 woke up — go figure — and came in our room to sleep. And I’m using that term lightly. It was more like scrape her sleeping bag zipper all over the floor while she chased down the cat…all night long. Interspersed with the hubby yelling, “Either lay down and go to sleep or you’re going back to your room!” We are officially our parents. How in the hell did that happen?

The week was tumultuous, emotional and is over. Collectively, we…graduated from kindergarten, agonized over summer trip planning, spied on the kids to see which teacher they got (the principal saw us and just shook his head), accidentally ingested nasty hot dogs at the end of school picnic, worked 10 straight hours on a document for work only to have to come back and start all over, narrowly missed getting hit in the windshield by a flying truck camper on the way to said meeting, survived a full night with no power and no sleep (almost like camping, eh BG?), realized we were dehydrating Beanie by not giving her enough bottles (oops!), argued over who has the biggest crush on Hugo Matheson (adorable and so charming!), realized that Miss 6 is growing up too fast, and worried more about the parental strife back east.

I need a nap. I had West Nile Virus after all…

TODAY’S THEME SONG: The Zephyr Song. RHCP. I figure it’s better to pick a song that references wind over actually breaking some. Ya know?

1) I’d like you readers to weigh in on the theme songs. Just so I know if anyone is reading this. Do you like them? Do you ever look them up on iTunes just for sh*** & grins? Lemme know…
2) Do you ever check the links I add in? Y or N


One Response to “>What the wind blew in”

  1. Bubble Girl June 11, 2007 at 1:20 pm #

    >Well, you know I do all of the above, so I don’t count. AND, you make me laugh. 🙂


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