>I Am

13 May

>By Miss Six
In Honor of Mother’s Day

I am wanting to be a Golden Retriever dog.
I wonder about how trees make food.
I hear my baby sister crying.
I see my dog getting up in the plant box[es].
I want a lot of different kinds of cheese.
I am wanting to be a white Lab.
I pretend to be Cinderella.
I feel happy when I play with my mom and dad and baby sister.
I like to touch my cat and my dog.
I worry about my mom and dad dying.
I cry when I get hurt.
I am wanting to be a Golden Retriever.
I understand that there are different cities.
I say “YES!” when I get my way.
I dream of my friends.
I try hard at new things.
I hope that I see my Grandmas soon.
I am wanting for the world to stay safe.
I am loving my cat and dog.
I am [Miss 6].

Footnotes from Mom:
1) First impression upon reading, “Oh! My heart!”
2) Then, upon closer inspection, “Seriously? CINDERELLA?”
3) And on the third time through, “Uh-oh. She has my ‘death fixation thing’. Oops.”

Happy Day O’ the Moms. I’m blogging and sipping bellinis. Oh yea.

TODAY THEME SONG: The one that’s in my heart from what I’m wearing around my neck. The hubby shoots AND scores. Jewelry is ALWAYS a good thing… ☺


One Response to “>I Am”

  1. Bubble Girl May 17, 2007 at 2:30 pm #

    >Checking for new entry, but alas, none. I think you want to keep this one up as long as possible, and I certainly don’t blame you!


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