2 May

>I just got an e-mail from my cousin (which I haven’t responded to yet — sorry E!) about the upcoming girls’ weekend in my hometown. The girl cousins and respective aunts are gathering for a weekend of what I’m sure will be inebriation and gossip. Damn I wish I was going. Too bad for me that I am the only, repeat: ONLY, one of the group who lives more than a two hours’ drive away. (Okay, ONE boy cousin lives with his family in OKC. But he’s in the FBI and is a BOY. So he can’t participate even if he wanted to. Besides, he might be forced to do a take down if things get out of hand — en familia.) I decided that rather than be an active participant (READ: HUGE hangover), it would be more fun to be able to watch it all from a web cam. Now I just need to figure out how to have one installed in my aunt’s house without anyone’s knowledge. Hmmm

After over a month of a near standstill with work (yes, I was getting a bit worried), things have suddenly eclipsed warp speed. It’s a good thing. But it doesn’t bode so well for the blog. Having a 7-month-old with no sitter has seemed so doable up ‘til now. I can’t help but wonder if it was so easy because I wasn’t all that busy. The next couple of months will be a big test. Especially since the hubby now has to be out of town for half of May. THIS time I’m not even stressed about it. And I am determined not to be. But, again, everything has been simplified by that lack of work thing. My personal traffic sign has already started flashing: Fun times ahead.

I’m afraid to say it, but the knee seems normal. I even went so far as to register for the marathon. Hell, I’ve cancelled two years running — what’s one more year and one more $150? (Which I just may do in spite of the hubby’s bear down that, “Enough is enough. Run the damn thing already.”) Instead, I’ll ignore him and listen to the wisdom of the knee and see how it goes. The good news is that I was able to run some on Monday with Miss 6 during fitness club. For some reason she only wanted to run during the UPHILLS. Yes, we are opposites in more ways than one. And SHE wasn’t pushing an umpteen pound jog stroller with a beanie inside. I think I’ll hand it over tomorrow. ☺

The girls gathered again last week at Spark Plug’s house. It was one of those nights, but I was in surprisingly good shape the next day. Now that the body has had ample opportunity to adjust to no gall bladder, it’s amazing what I can accomplish! The wine was good, the take out Chinese perfect and the hot tub even better. Maybe I finally figured out how to pace myself. Or maybe my tolerance has just improved due to overuse. ☺

The weekend was melt down free. (I’m in shock too.) We survived a Friday night out at The West End with both girlies. We made it to ballet on Saturday with time to spare. The stroller was repaired at NO CHARGE. (Love Little Mountain!) I went to Target and escaped for under a hun-dy. (That’s a bona fide miracle.) Then, we had dinner with Nanners and her family at their house Saturday night. And since the outing came with built-in-older-sister-babysitters, we were set. The wine flowed along with the convo, Beanie went down in the pack-n-play without a hitch and Miss 6 and Nanners giggled themselves to sleep well before 9. Another miraculous evening to be had by all. (Again, wives both woke up alert — hubbies were not so lucky.) Our Sunday was mellow and topped off by celebrating the 2nd b-day of True Blue’s 3rd. Weekend comes to a close with girls in bed on time. Now THAT is a successful weekend.

WAIT! Did I mention that I’m scared to breathe? Things don’t just go smoothly for me and I get nervous when life flows too well. To make myself feel better, I’m going to assume that the work increase will be hell and I’ll be back to complaining in no time. AND I’ll keep obsessing about how to decrease my carbon footprint and how I can make a living only by writing this blog. (Anyone looking for ad space?) That should keep me going for at least a couple of days. Or until that record-scratching-sound happens again. ☺

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Kamera. Wilco. In celebration of their upcoming CD release on May 15th.


One Response to “>Nun-ya-biz-ness.”

  1. Bubble Girl May 2, 2007 at 10:26 am #

    >wow. I’m afraid to breathe too lest I spread my bad juju again.a few things: first, I’ll email you about work that I may pass to you. second, I’ll be in co from May 15 to 30th if you need babsitting help or otherwise. third, listen to your knee. it’s good policy.Have another good day!


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