>Blog Fast Ends

19 Mar

>So after a few days of a self-imposed blog fast, I’m back. With a vengeance. After a quite idiotic decision to leap headlong back into life post surgery, I suffered for my foolish acts for not one, not two, but THREE WHOLE DAYS. The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be. Here’s how it went:

I hadn’t seen friends in what felt like months when I got an impromptu invite for a girls’ gathering last Thursday. It seemed like perfect timing, as I was climbing the walls from being home virtually non-stop (minus a Whole Foods outing or so). And it was at someone’s house, meaning the whole swollen/sore abdomen would be less of an issue since maternity clothes/sweats currently make up my fashion repertoire. Besides, relaxing comfortably at a friend’s house seemed to be — on the surface — a safe way to rejoin the land of the living. I knew before I went that it had been too long and that I may have been looking a little too forward to the wine consumption component. But c’est la vie. And L was driving me since I still hadn’t gotten behind the wheel at that point.

So it goes. Very fun night. GREAT to see everyone. Hostess friend just moved into a new house and it was gorgeous. The catch was the wine consumption. There were six of us there and nine bottles were empty at the end of the evening. There is some comfort in knowing I wasn’t alone in my imbibing and that I didn’t do that damage alone. However, I was the only one in the group who had just had surgery a week before. Surgery that involves your liver, etc. So who looks stupid now?

I was convinced the entire next day that I had poisoned myself and was going to die. And the insult to injury part is that I DID IT ALL TO MYSELF. Lesson learned: Alcohol and gall bladder surgery do not mix. Even if it has been a whole week.

Despite the multiple-day-ill-effects of Thursday’s debauchery, the weekend wasn’t all bad. I had to miss a girls’ ski weekend with the b-partner and friends due to post-op instructions of no major exercise (read: skiing). So I spent the weekend mostly at home sleeping it off and enjoying the great CO weather: Pearl Street. Browsing Peppercorn for a salt pig. Little girl sandal shopping. Lunch at Dish. (Renamed Plate by Miss 6.) Kicking off the garden. Canopy painting/installation project hanging out there since Christmas — now checked off list. (Ahhh. A VERY happy Miss 6 who now has ‘privatzy’ from the vocally intrusive Beanie.) The whole lot.

Then yesterday as we ate lunch on the back patio, Miss 6 declared, “This is why I love my life.” “Oh? Why is that?” “Because of getting time to hang out with my family.” Oh yea.

I would say that I am now officially mended. And maybe a little wiser. ☺

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Tubthumping. Chumbawamba. In belated honor of St. Paddy and other frivolous pursuits along the road to wellville.


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  1. Natalya November 11, 2008 at 9:19 am #

    >This is great info to know.


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