>Kookaburra Sittin’ in the Old Gum Tree

15 Mar

>I am obsessed with the map. I can’t stop checking it. The hubby surmises that at least half of the now 234 visits are mine. Could be. I just saw that someone from Lithuania looked at it. And it baffles me how I can post an entry and within minutes 10 more people have visited the map. Technology is crazy. Oh, and my cousin, Lisa, is one of the only four people who’ve actually signed in. I love that — the fact that my cousins, brother and fellow blogger, Swiss Hero, are solid in their support of my new blogging habit. The thing is I can’t stop fixating on her shout out, “Hoody out there.” I think she meant howdy, but hoody is just so much funnier. Like she’s looking for an answer to, “Anybody out there wearing a hoody?” She could just be the cleverest of the bunch — intentionally or not. ☺

In other news, my mother barely survived a terrorist attack today. She was at work attempting to do the impossible: find something on the internet. She had just navigated her way through locating and printing out a boarding pass for a flight I had booked for her when the screen went black and a message appeared: “You have been hacked by ‘LONG UNPRONOUNCEABLE NAME.’ F**K YOU and F**K AMERICA.” Now, if you don’t have the pleasure of knowing my mother, I should explain that this scared the crap out of her. She thought they were coming for her personally. That they could grab her straight through the computer screen. So she did what any scared shitless person would do — she turned it off. That’ll teach ‘em. I wonder if she’s onto something on the international policy scale.

The back to normal day was going okay until Beanie choked on her spit up while I was on a con call. I thought she was kickin’ herself into a happy frenzy in her bungee jumper when in reality she was kickin’ for air. Oops. But all was well. It just happened to be the ‘shoot out of the nose variety’ that tends to panic us all, no matter how old we are. And, then I realized that the hubby had taken off for his first day back in the office with the new baby formula still in the trunk. And me at home with a big ole empty can and still not driving. Zippity-Doo-Da.

Last, Miss 6 announced this morning that, “It’s time to get back on schedule.” She was referring to the fact that she can’t handle putting on clean PJs unless it coincides with a bath night. Since baths are usually every other night, having to put on clean PJs on a no bath night just sends her into orbit. “We’ve got to get this fixed, Mommy.” Yes we do. Yes we do.

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Crazy. Gnarls Barkley. Isn’t it obvious?

FOOTNOTE: I signed up to try to be a beta tester for Joost. I know. Me and the other million TV-obsessed techie geeks. But how cool would that be? I’ll keep you posted.


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