>Recovery Bites

11 Mar

>So what are we on now? Day three? I think that’s about right. Surgery Thursday, now it’s Sunday. It’s been a blur since the big event of each day has been how many times I walk around the house. I mean really. Yesterday I actually ventured into the wide beyond and went downstairs to put baby blow out collateral damage into the wash. Woo-whoo. I am cookin’ now! I think it only took me ten minutes to climb back up the stairs. Oh, the little things mean a lot.

Welcome to the whinery. I should have warned you — I am a VERY BAD sick person. It isn’t really logical that someone who thinks the ultimate day involves a massage, a nap and bacon would be kicking and screaming when rest is mandated. But there is just something about being forced that gets me. I REALLY don’t like not having a choice. So when I wake up I can OPT to not take a hike and eat bacon instead. I don’t want a searing abdomen to decide that for me.

I have to admit, however, that yesterday was a perfect day to be on the mend. It was chilly and rainy (which is so rare in this outdoor maniac mecca I now call home — we get over 300 days of sunshine!). Miss 6 had ballet in the morning and then spent the rest of the day with the triplets (the parents were there too ☺ — another big ole thank you!). The hubby and I were marooned for the day on the couch watching movies and archived TiVo. Beanie was her perfectly mellow little self and allowed it to be. We were set. Lucky too because I was G-R-U-M-P-Y. I had finally reached the point of being over it. Tired of hurting. Tired of feeling tired. Every time I tried to stand there was shooting pain. (Did I also mention that I am intensely stubborn when it comes to taking drugs? I have had one dose of Advil since I left the hospital. And who the hell knows why. I guess deep down I think there is some award for post-surgery martyrs.)

And, while we are setting up the whole martyr scenario, I might as well tell you (male readers: close your ears) — my monthly came early Friday morning during one of the approximately 100 visits to relieve myself of I.V. fluid. Talk about insult to injury…the wonders of being a woman truly never cease. I am also one of the lucky few to start said monthlies back at a record pace post-baby. (Remember, it has only been 5 ½ months.) My body decided within a month or so that enough was enough. Time to get back to the routine. That and deciding for me that nursing would end oh, around, month 4 and some change. So it goes.

Here’s the lowdown: I have three puncture wounds with half-dollar-sized yellow bruises haloing them and another much larger halo around my navel from where the bladder was extracted. Lovely. For some reason I was surprised by this. I guess your mind just doesn’t want to comprehend what has actually transpired during the unaccounted time when you’re out for the count. But the bruising pretty much sums it up. And I had to laugh out loud in the shower this morning when my unrelenting post-baby hair loss led to my having long brown strands attached to all four steri-strips. More loveliness. I also realized with a start that my jaw was sore. It took me a few minutes of pondering before it hit me — the intubation. Egads.

Despite it all, or maybe in light of it, an outing was in order today. No need to wait until the hair loss becomes intentional or a screaming fit ensues. So, I rode along to drop Miss 6 off at a birthday party and then went to Whole Foods, where I proceeded to get a 20-minute chair massage while the hubby stocked up on essentials. I am now comfortably reclined on the chaise on our deck at home gazing off at the mountains while I write. And, since I’ve had a massage and ate a strip of bacon with breakfast, it looks like I just need a nap to make this day damn near perfect. (Minus searing abdomen that is ☺.)

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Perfect Day. Matchbox Twenty. One of my all time favs.

And please sign the map. (See – now added as nifty new sidebar element!) I’d love to know who you are if you’re reading. Did you see what the half Swiss/half US Bay Street Rehab girls have going? They have people signing in from all over. And most likely that ‘s because what they have to say is more exciting… but it’s worth a shot! ☺


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