>Bladder’s Big Day Eve

8 Mar

>The big g-bladder removal looms large. As of this writing, I have just shy of 12 hours before the adventure begins. Here’s the day:

I had to be at the hospital at 8 a.m. for pre-surgery testing. (This was AFTER they told me to come yesterday at 2, then, no, I didn’t need to come in because I was a candidate for phone screening. Then called back a third time to say, “Actually you will need to come in after all.” Duh.) I got lost on the way trying to detour through a neighborhood to avoid construction traffic on Foothills Parkway. My first mistake. Two or three phone calls for directions later I had already made the wrong turn anyway and had to circle back. No real biggie. Just a little late. The nurse was very kind. Too kind. She made me cry. I REALLY did NOT want to cry. Especially when the tears were initiated by the question, “Who do you have for emotional support?” That is definitely NOT when you want to cry. But I did. She had set it all up by asking if I had a living will first. I surprisingly didn’t cry then, but thought, “Damn. Am I going to kick it tomorrow?” Then I went for an EKG, a chest x-ray and lab work, tissue in hand. A total wreck.

I came back to nice nurse and she informed me that the hubby would not be allowed in with me AT ALL if he had Beanie – which had been the plan all along. Suck a duck. Germy little babies…But a flurry of phone calls settled the matter (the amazing kindness of friends). Beanie stays home. Hubby joins the fun.

The rest of the day was spent e-mailing clients, setting up out of office messages, helping b-partner edit her dad’s memorial speech. (Did I mention that my b-partner has her dad’s memorial this weekend in FL? We always seem to coordinate our BIG LIFE EVENTS. I guess that’s why the partnership works so well ☺.) Bills paid up, invoices complete — Beanie wakes up for liquid snacky with minutes to spare before Miss 6 pick up.

While waiting for bigger little, I find a friend and fellow mom has also started her own blog: shandreamer.blogspot.com. Her design has me dusted already, but she’s a cool artsy type. Such is life. She also calmed my fears so much that I was ready to hit the park with the girlies after school vs. sulking on the couch. I mean, if you are already the most melodramatic person you know (me) – having surgery automatically means you’re a goner (even if it’s dental) so why spend your last day on the couch. ☺

On the walk there, Miss 6 said, “I have about 100 things on my mind.” “Oh really? Like what.” “Well, your surgery.” Uh-oh. “What are you thinking about?” “I just have no idea how I am going to have your surprise for being brave ready on time when I have school all day!” Okay. This I can handle.

It was a great outing. Perfect weather. All smiley girls. Then, as the sun started its descent behind the Flatirons, we called it a day. Early bed for all. Big day looms. Be seeing you. Here’s hoping it’s sooner vs. later. I’m counting on easy-breezy, in-out, bada-bing, bada- boom. Bye-bye g-bladder. And some post-op couch time won’t be all bad.

PS – I have some really rockin’ friends. (You know who you are.) These are the kind of life moments when that becomes most real. Thank you. Seriously.


One Response to “>Bladder’s Big Day Eve”

  1. Bubble Girl March 8, 2007 at 4:08 pm #

    >A living will? I wasn’t worried, but now I sure as hell am.


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