>Spring Chickens, Lucky Duckies

6 Mar

>I cleaned out the cobwebby doom and gloom with a weekend out of the closet in air free of skunk. A walk on the creek path and a bike ride kept the wine bottle corked. For now. ☺ We dodged bikes for the walk on Saturday and, on Sunday, we threw caution to the wind and bungeed Beanie into the Burley to cause some dodging of our own. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. It was muddy and slushy from last week’s snow, but the bean went straight to sleep while Miss 6 talked up a blue streak for the whole 45-minute ride. We saw prairie dogs, geese, migratory birds…and cows. It was an ‘ahhh’ moment to top off the weekend. (Even though my bike got stuck in high gear when I MOST needed to downshift to granny — making that last hill from H-E-L-L.) Then Miss 6 proceeded to hop on the two-wheeler upon our return and ride down the street unassisted. Talk about milestones.

Speaking of stones…Thursday is d-day. I saw the stone today and it was a honker. The doc said, “It’s definitely a large one.” I said, “I’ve always been an overachiever.” Being a recently pregnant woman approaching 40, I am prime real estate for dino eggs. (Miss 6’s term.) So bye, bye g-bladder. It’s been real. It seems 36 is the year for me. The pivotal turning point when my body says, “You DEFINITELY ain’t the spring chicken you think you are.” As if.

I was told today that you only have a 25 to 30% chance of having a second gall bladder attack. And once you do, you are dead in the water. I think I need to take my lucky ducky ass to Vegas. To settle it once and for all.

In other news, my friend called today to report that her dog rolled in skunk on a hike. And damn-of-all-damns if she wasn’t able to kick it with Dawn. The grease fighter. While me, in my infinite wisdom, went for the nine washings for $70 and a stay at the St. Julien. And still reeked a week later. Man-oh-man. They actually let stupid people make the dean’s list. Lucky for me.☺

TODAY’S THEME SONG: Shambala. Three Dog Night. (Courtesy of last week’s episode of LOST. It is now officially stuck in my head on continuous replay.)


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