>A Tuesday Montage

28 Feb

>Monday passed and the hubby set off for his week in SF, leaving Miss 6 in tears and me in clenched jaw mode. This morning she said, “When Daddy’s on a work ma-cation, you’re REALLY busy, aren’t you Mommy?” That’s one way of looking at it. Or it could just be that Mommy’s a freak.

Skunkville is FINALLY fading into memory — minus those jolts that come here and there when we unexpectedly touch something that just can’t let it go. (I.e., the dog tags, a doorknob, and, biggest mystery of all…the bed pillows!)

This morning was the gall bladder ultrasound. Beanie in tow, I headed there with a bit of uncertainty. How weird to be getting an ultrasound with a baby on the OUTSIDE. They didn’t tell me what sex the gall bladder was, but I suppose I can wait. Who knows why, but when I was lying on that exam table I really wanted to take a nap. Hospitals just play with my head now. And it’ll be at least two days while the shots from my internal photo shoot get passed from radiologist to internist to Vanity Fair editor to YouTube. Then the big day when I find out if I get more tests or get to pass GO and collect my day surgery.

I met an old colleague and friend for lunch today. Way back in the ‘90s we were employed by Access Graphics during the John Ramsey era. He referred to us as ‘The Sun Girls’ for our Sun Microsystems marketing prowess no doubt. We kept ourselves pretty busy saving the world from legacy systems and prophesizing about computer telephony (VoIP anyone?). So ahead of our time. Working for Access back then was like post-college high school. We were all young, professional partiers on a mission. We keep hearing rumors that a couple of people are going to rent out Boulder Theatre and hold a reunion. I still have pictures of me on stage singing with John and Patsy at a Christmas party. Strange days indeed.

My friend is now on an amazing voyage as an entrepreneur. She’s saving the world from bad footwear and fossil fuels. Here’s her beautiful boot link: www.loprestidesign.com . I’m sure she’ll find a way to make biodiesel equally alluring. Living proof that there is life after high tech. Really.

Winning top mom honors, I let Beanie soak through her diaper TWICE today. But I did remember to pick up Miss 6 while I was on a con call and then made lasagna while I answered e-mail. So there.

That’s my Tuesday and I’m stickin’ to it. (I really wish I knew how to add a theme song to these postings. Today’s would be: Straight to Hell by Drivin’ N’ Cryin’.)


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