>My Version of President’s Day

19 Feb

So. as my very first blog posting (inspiration courtesy of Jean) — I decided to go with the mundane…What I Did on My President’s Day Vacation:

I hit the hay last night with BIG PLANS dancing in my head. I was actually taking a FULL DAY OFF and would NOT be checking e-mail (even via the newly acquired Crackberry). I knew my day off wouldn’t be like the days of yore — when it would have been an actual full day of my own invention. A six-year-old and a five-month-old just don’t allow it. It’s a fact. And I was on my own with them with hubby off in meetings all day. So, it could have been THE ZOO or THE PARK (Ahh, 60 degrees out today at last!) But, alas — t’was not to be. Baby woke up at 2 a.m., the newly minted six-year-old did too. So it was a damn near party in the house. Meaning: the big adventure that was to be my later day went up in smoke due to complete and utter lack of motivation and energy. Instead, the two littles cooperated roundly with my lesser initiative at enjoying my latte and the paper. Then it was bottle time for baby and off to bed for morning nappy. Miss 6 was thoroughly enjoying her bounty of birthday gifts, so I seized the moment for 30 minutes on the elliptical. (Isn’t it amazing that just that is considered a GIFT?!)

Hubby came home early to work from home with meetings cancelled — a very happy surprise — and I haven’t made it outside for even a moment all day. BIG NEWS: Baby ate a whole jar of sweet potatoes.

And this is my life…:) We will cap off our day with the belated Valentine’s dinner that we postponed from last week. Lobster risotto and prosecco (my new drink of choice — thank you SC and AV — see picture of my first taste!). So not all bad.

And the beat goes on…

*To read all about the fabulous single life of my friend, Jean (my blog inspiration), visit:


One Response to “>My Version of President’s Day”

  1. Bay Street Rehab February 20, 2007 at 12:10 am #

    >Congratulations on your entry into the world of blogging! So excited that you decided to join me in cyberspace.Happy Valentines Day.Jean


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